To use brew in a project:

import brew
from brew.base import Ensemble
from brew.base import EnsembleClassifier
from brew.combination import Combiner

# here, clf1 and clf2 are sklearn classifiers or brew ensemble classifiers
# already trained. Keep in mind that brew requires your labels = [0,1,2,...]
# numerical with no skips.
clfs = [clf1, clf2]
ens = Ensemble(classifiers = clfs)

# create your Combiner
# the rules can be 'majority_vote', 'max', 'min', 'mean' or 'median'
comb = Combiner(rule='mean')

# now create your ensemble classifier
ensemble_clf = EnsembleClassifier(ensemble=ens, combiner=comb)
y_pred = ensemble_clf.predict(X)

# there you go, y_pred is your prediction.